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Needle Roller RNA RSTO RNAO Types

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Needle Roller RNA RSTO RNAO Types

Needle roller bearings use cylindrical rollers that have a defined length in relation to their narrow diameter, and therefore get the name "needle rollers. They are typically used to prevent or reduce friction when a surface is rotating.

Compared to ball bearings, they have a larger surface area touching the outer surfaces of the bearing. They are more compact, because there is less difference between the shaft diameter and the bearing diameter, yet they have a higher load bearing capacity. The rollers are contained in a needle cage.

Needle rollers are used widely in the automotive industry, in components like rocker arm pivots, transmissions, compressors and pumps. Rear wheel drive autos usually have more than eight needle bearings.

RNAO type needle roller bearing

This type of bearing is without an inner ring or ribs, so the outer shell and the caged needle can be separated, and mounted together or individually. If an outer ring component is already installed, the cage can be shaft mounted as part of the assembly. An RNAO type needle roller bearing doesn't have flanges.

These bearings are available with an inside diameter of 5mm to 100mm, an outside diameter 10mm to 120mm and a width from 8mm to 40mm.

RNA and RSTO needle rollers

These bearings have a number of different combinations of inner rings, flanges, shaft sleeves, seals and so on. If you have any queries about which needle roller bearing is the one you need, you'll find our telephone support team is helpful and knowledgeable. RNA needle roller bearings, such as the RNA22 series, have an inner ring and also two rubber seals. The RAQNA05x10x8TN has no shaft sleeve or flanges.

The RSTO5TN is a budget support roller. These RSTO needle rollers have no axial guidance, because they are designed to be used in applications which have other components to provide the axial guidance. They don't have inner rings, which mean they are easily separable and can be mounted separately. They're ideal for applications where the shaft or pin is able to be ground and hardened.

The RSTO10 has no axial guidance, and no inner rings. Support rollers without inner rings are also designed for applications where the shaft or pin can be ground and hardened. RSTO and RNA needle roller bearings are available in an inside diameter of 7mm to 60mm, outside diameter of 16mm to 90mm and a width of 7.8mm to 22.7mm.

If, by any chance, you order the wrong bearing, our no-quibble returns policy will ensure that you're not out of pocket. We have a range of flexible delivery options, so even an extremely urgent order can be quickly processed and dispatched - there's no better bearings supplier in the business.


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