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Nuts and Bolts

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Bike Nuts and Bolts

Bike nuts and bolts are essentially the components that hold the different elements of a bike together. Whilst relatively rare, it is not impossible for a bolt or nut to become completely loose and fall off. Some may also degrade/rust. In these instances, replacements will be required.

What are the main nuts on a bike?

Track nuts (also known as track cycling wheel nuts) are used to attach wheels to a frame via the Dropouts. These are crucial parts. The most common track nuts are made from chromium-plated steel or lightweight alloys and some have integral serrated washers that are able to move independently of the track nut. Headset star nuts are a key part of the bikes headset and may need replacing if the fork is being replaced or if the steerer tube has been cut down. Crank nuts sometimes need replacing and are often found on older bicycles, and dirt-bikes.

Bicycle Bolts

Most bikes will have a number of different bolts holding the various parts together. These include brake bolts, brake-pad bolts, stem/bar bolts, top cap bolts, shift/brake lever bolts, saddle-clamp bolts, seat-binder bolts, chainring bolts, crankarm bolts, clamp-band bolts, hanger bolts, cable anchor bolts, rear derailleur bolts, front derailleur cage bolts, bottle-cage mount bolts, and cable guide bolts. Chainring bolts secure the chainrings to the chainset spider. Over time they can corrode or work loose. These bolts are usually made from steel, aluminium or titanium.

Most bolts that are used to mount accessories/minor parts to bicycles are sized M5 but some manufacturers also use M6, M7, or M8. The thread pitch (i.e. distance between threads) on an M5 bolt is around 0.8mm. The majority of bolts found on bikes can be tightened using either an Allen key/hex wrench or Torx wrench.

Here at Simply Bearings, we sell a wide range of nuts and bolts and other key bike parts/accessories. This includes the most-common bolts in a number of different sizes, lengths, and thread pitches. In terms of nuts, we supply a range of track nuts, headset star nuts, and crank nuts. When it comes to getting your bike nuts or bolts, we offer a number of delivery options - and now also offer click and collect. You can choose the option that best suits you when you checkout online.


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