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Oil Filled Bronze Plain Bushes

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Oil Filled Bronze Plain Bushes

These simple bush-style bearings are cost-effective, noiseless in use, self-lubricating and economical on maintenance. While their form is simple, they are the result of a sophisticated technical process, and they are used in a huge range of high quality components across industry.

They can be made from several different metallic powders, including graphite. These bronze bushes are formed into shape by a process known as sintering. This involves heating or pressing the metallic powder into a solid mass without heating it to the point that it melts and becomes liquid. Once this has been done, the bushes are soaked in oil. The manufacturing process produces tiny pores in the metal and these are vacuum impregnated with the oil to give good bearing performance. The usual quantity is 20% oil by volume, with SAE 30 the most common oil used.

Most of our bushes are supplied by Oilite? who have dominated the market for self-lubricating bearings for many years. They manufacture to exacting standards of reliability and quality and their products are in use worldwide.

These oil filled bronze plain bushes have a wide range of uses, but they're especially well suited for applications involving high or low temperatures, high or low speeds, a corrosive environment or an application where low maintenance is important.

The greasing process implants the bushes with lubricant, with a temperature range between -20C and +90C. If you need bearings which will compensate for medium temperatures, or for a wide range of temperatures, talk to us - we can help suggest further options.

We have a vast range of sizes for oil filled bronze plain bushes, yet you can buy just a single bearing in some of the sizes. You can quickly find the ones you need by using the selector boxes on this page to specify the sizing you want.

No matter what the size of your order, Simply Bearings has free standard delivery on all UK orders, and if you need your bearings urgently you can arrange next day and same day delivery.

If you receive your bronze plain bush and realise you have ordered the wrong one, we have an unbeatable no-quibble, 90 day refund guarantee.


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