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Original Jubilee and JCS Brand Worm Drive Clips

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Worm Drive Clips

Originally a brand name now widely used to describe peripheral band clamps, hose clips, and other similar styled retainers, Jubilee clips are a common type of fastening device. One of the most common applications for this type of clip or clamp is to secure tubing or hose piping to another fixture or fitting, such as a spigot, tap, nipple or barb. One feature that all such fixings will share is that the hose or pipe will be secured in such a way that air or fluid may still pass easily through it, often under pressure and the joint will remain intact.

Jubilee clips or clamps can be tightened manually with a screwdriver or internal hex key to secure the tube or piping and prevent it from coming detached or leaking from its fixture. Some clamps may, however, feature their own tightening mechanisms such as wing nut style screw heads but such products will come with directions for doing so successfully.

There are many varied applications for Jubilee clips and clamps, and these devices offer some significant benefits, such as the ability to moderate the pressure of liquid or air flowing through a tube or hose, and, particularly when constructed from materials such as steel, provide a robust, strong and durable solution. They are used in automotive engine assembly, in addition to many household and workplace applications. Here at Simply Bearings, we carry a comprehensive selection of Original Jubilee & JCS Brand Worm Drive Clips, so whatever the job, you are sure to find the right product for your needs.


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