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Plain Cup Type Taper Roller Bearings

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Plain Cup Type Taper Roller Bearings

Plain cup taper rollers are the bearing choice in applications where you need to manage both thrust and radial forces on machine tool rotating shafts and housings. When there's a need to deal with light or medium loads, plain cup tapered roller bearings are ideal, because they provide a low-cost and simple solution. Despite this, these bearings are manufactured to the highest standards of accuracy.

Gamet plain cup taper rollers, featured here, are used in machines such as those which produce cans for the worldwide food industry. They are engineered to a 0.05mm tolerance for consistency in these applications, and are made from high quality bearing materials. In fact, Cone Bore Run-out tolerances are in the range of 0.5 microns to 1.5 microns. For these reasons, the bearings have the quality assurance BS EN ISO 9001:2000 standards.

The long line contact between the roller and the race in plain cut taper rollers also provides high bearing stiffness, while the design gives a true rolling movement of the rollers in the raceways, at each point on the roller body. The rollers are less likely to skew, because the small seating force at the rib aligns them.

Inside diameters are available in measurements of 25 mm to 506 mm, and outside diameters are available from 52 mm to 636 mm. The widths are 18.5 mm to 94 mm. Use the drop-down boxes on the product page to see the possible combinations, but note that these bearings don't come in imperial measurements.

All Gamet bearings, except those which are pre-greased, are treated with an oil to prevent corrosion. When mounting these plain cup type taper roller bearings, you should try to ensure that the area is dust-free and dry. For optimum performance, check the dimensions and accuracy of the components that will be in touch with the bearing, to ensure that the correct tolerances are being observed.

Gamet recommends leaving these plain cup type taper roller bearings in their original packages until you need to fit them, to prevent any contamination. Before fitting, the cone (inner race) of the bearing should be heated to expand it and assist with mounting it on the shaft - 70°C is acceptable for most applications. Make sure that all the elements are seated properly before locking.

For some of the less common sizes, there will be a short delay of 7-10 days while we obtain the bearing, but the most common sizes are held in stock. Simply Bearings has free next day delivery for parts that are in stock and its deliveries are super reliable, as customer reviews on this site show.


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