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Plastic Thrust Washers

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Thrust Washers

We offer a range of quality thrust washers, for preventing movement along a shaft axis. These washers are found in a vast range of objects, wherever you have a rotating axis or moving parts that need to be kept in alignment along the shaft. They offer a very economical way to cope with moderate rotation speeds.

If you're looking for thin needle washers, our range is hard to beat. The Nadella products are hardened, polished spring steel washers, and are very accurately machined. They can be used as both shaft and housing raceways because they have moderate running accuracy and stiffness. These are great for applications where you have minimal space. Uses include agriculture, auto and heavy industry, gearboxes, garden machinery, motorbikes and many other engineering jobs.

We stock a wide range of Nadella thin needle washers, with multiple inner and outer diameter combinations. There are handy pick boxes at the top of the page, which let you choose the inside and outside diameters, and width that you need.

The TRA series are just 1mm thick, and the rest of the series (TRB, TRC, TRD, TRE) vary only in their thickness.

We also have the budget packs of AS washers, which are high quality and delivered with our exceptional service standards. These are made of spring steel to the AISI 1074 / SAE 5165 specification. These are also 1mm thick, giving a very economical bearing arrangement.

For demanding applications, Igus iglidur G thrust washers are lubricant free, and can be used at temperatures between -40 to +130. They can also resist most lubricants, solvents and chemicals. With no maintenance, and high resistance to wear, the Igus iglidur G thrust washers are tough and economical.

The range of washers and related products you'll find here is really comprehensive, so if you need a more complex arrangement, take a look through the stock. For example, if you need a bearing assembly with a low profile but high load capability, we stock the NTA Imperial needle roller cage thrust assembly. This has two TRA series washers, and a uniform cage. You can count on this to guide multiple needle rollers. The rollers are designed to give even load distribution, which stops any damage to the edges.

As ever, the Simply Bearings prices, delivery and service are second to none. If the item you choose has a two or three day lead time, we tell you on the page, so you can plan your work effectively.


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