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Platewheels make up part of a rotating machine and are used to transmit torque through the use of teeth or cogs. They are often referred to as sprockets, hubless sprockets, or chain gears. Platewheels are typically put to use in vehicles which use a chain drive mechanism, such as bicycles and motorcycles, although they can be found in other non-vehicular industrial applications where such a chain drive is involved.

A platewheel works along a similar mechanical principle to other common power transmission systems, such as V belts or V pulleys. Unlike a V pulley system, which makes use of smooth v wheels to transmit torque, a platewheel has serrated teeth or cogs for use with a roller chain. Other key benefits of a platewheel include the ability to be fitted onto a flanged boss and clamped into position, as well as used with torque limiters. It is also possible to make your own holes with which to bolt the plate wheel into position, as the plate wheel can be successfully drilled or machined to suit your needs. This makes the platewheel a truly versatile device. Platewheels are available in a variety of specifications, including different degrees of pitch.

Here at Simply Bearings, our extensive product range includes a wide variety of platewheels, so whatever your chosen application may be, you will be sure to find the right item for your needs. Our selection of platewheels includes the simplex, duplex, and triplex types and comes from the leading manufacturers, such as Dunlop, Drive-Flex, Codex, Challenge, and Power Drive. This, together with our consistently excellent BSI performance rating, ensures that you can be confident of receiving the very finest quality available when you order from us.

Furthermore, when you shop with Simply Bearings, you can enjoy free delivery when you spend over ?5 and whether you represent a large company requiring a high volume of units, or are an individual who simply requires a single item to get the job done, here at Simply Bearings, we are always happy to help. That is why, since our launch in 2004, we have built an excellent reputation amongst our valued customers, shown by our many glowing testimonials.


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