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Powerbase Strimmer Parts

The Powerbase brand name belongs to Homebase. The stated aim of the brand is to offer fantastic value for money.

The Powerbase badge is attached to both electric and petrol-driven strimmer models, lawnmowers, leaf blowers, cordless drills, screwdriver sets, wallpaper strippers, angle grinders, sanders and jigsaws. In addition to being sold through Homebase superstores, the range is often seen on Amazon, eBay and Argos, with both Argos and Homebase belonging to the Home Retail Group.

Different Powerbase products are supplied to Homebase by different manufacturers. In the past, Homebase is known to have used both Chinese company Sumec and Bavarian company Einhell for these kinds of product. Einhell has a large installation near Bromborough, on the Wirral, from where large numbers of mowers and strimmers are distributed under various badges.

Powerbase strimmer parts are often interchangeable with other strimmer brands; however, here at Simply Bearings we don't take chances with similar or generic components. For your peace of mind, we source identical replacements from the original suppliers whenever possible.

Powerbase strimmer parts

We can find replacements for almost any part of your Powerbase strimmer. Reviews suggest they are prone to vibration, which puts a little more strain on both internal and external components. Models that use the bump-feed method to extend the cutting line are likely to need new mechanisms at some point unless carefully operated. Our listings include full head assemblies for some Powerbase models and the frequently lost or damaged Powerbase strimmer spool covers.

If there is a component you need that you cannot find through our website, don't hesitate to call us for advice. We are always happy to try to locate items for you, regardless of whether we currently have them listed.

Powerbase strimmer cutting lines

With most strimmers, owners can choose whether to wind new cutting line onto depleted spools or to simply replace the old one with a new spool preloaded with a fresh supply of wire. This is also true of Powerbase models; however, users often comment that it is particularly fiddly to reload Powerbase strimmer spools.

Some Powerbase strimmer spools and head assemblies are also prone to suffer wear from the line in use or to crack when operators bump-feed them too hard. Replacing the entire spool guarantees the line is wound without twists or kinks and won't be fouled in use due to wear or hairline cracks.

If you prefer, we can supply reels of suitable cord to make your own Powerbase strimmer cutting lines.

Make sure you replace your Powerbase strimmer spool covers securely, as they are frequently lost.

Protective clothing (PPE)

All manufacturers advise strimmer operators to wear protective gear. In particular, safety glasses, work gloves and leggings are appropriate. Powerbase strimmers are not the quietest on the market, so some ear protectors are also a sensible addition. You can find all these items on other pages of our catalogue.


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