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Pro Chainsaw Parts

Pro chainsaw parts can help to prolong the life of your chainsaw. With a new chain, cutting is quicker, safer, and takes less effort. If you do a lot of chainsaw work, you may find that buying several Pro chainsaw spares at a time is more economical - there are great discounts available on multiple buys.

Replacement Pro chainsaw chains

The pitch is the measurement between each of the drive links on the chainsaw. The usual pitch size for chains is ⅜ inch, with Pro chains no exception. The chain length is usually given in both centimetres and inches, although some chain lengths, such as 45cm, may be expressed as a range, such as 17-18 inch.

Most commonly ordered Pro chainsaw parts

These are:

  • The Pro CH057 chainsaw chain to fit 40cm bar. This chain is equivalent to 16 inch and has 57 drive links. It can be used with Pro model PRO2100CSA.
  • The Pro CH060 chainsaw chain to fit 45cm bar. This chain is the equivalent to a 17 inch or 18 inch chain and has 60 drive links. It can be used with Pro models PRO38ccCSA and PRO42ccCSA.
    • Safety precautions when using replacement Pro chainsaw chains

      The chain must be fitted exactly as detailed by Pro in its instructions for fitting Pro chainsaw spares. Before starting work on any job involving a chainsaw, take a look at the surrounding environment and note any potential hazards. If the chainsaw hits metal fixings, screws or nails while cutting wood, it can be deflected in an unpredictable movement; therefore, it is always best to check the branches or other material you plan to cut, removing any metal parts you can see.

      Always use the chainsaw with both hands to keep maximum control. A dropped chainsaw can cause severe injury to anyone standing underneath the work area, so ask bystanders to move away. If you are working on a tree that overhangs a path used by the public, you will need to cordon off this area to prevent anyone walking underneath while you are using the chainsaw above them.

      We have an excellent range of safety wear designed specifically with chainsaw users in mind. This includes an integrated visor, helmet and ear defenders - chainsaws are noisy and it is best to protect your hearing when using them. We also have chaps for wearing over trousers and special gloves designed for use with chainsaws.

      If you buy something and find you don't need it or have ordered the wrong item, our no-quibble, 90-day returns policy means that you can simply send it back. We will either replace it or refund your money. This is all part of the Simply Bearings service - when our customers are happy, we are happy.


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