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Welcome to our online store! Simply Bearings is proud to be one of the leading retailers of bearing products, oil seals, spares and specialist parts for the automotive, engineering, industrial and commercial industries. We also sell products to individual hobbyists and our quality and attention to detail mean that we have a loyal base of customers who choose to use us time and time again.

The biggest range of products

We have over 450,000 products listed in our online store at any one time and we regularly review our stock to update our catalogue to include the items our customers need - all from the biggest brands and at the best prices. Even better, you will enjoy additional discounts when you buy in bulk. Simply look at each product page to find out more.

The products you need

Bearings are precision-made, engineered component parts that enable machinery to operate at extreme speeds and to easily carry heavy loads in an efficient way. The nature of their usage means that they must be highly precise in their operation, reliable, and able to last the test of time. They must also be engineered to rotate at extremely high speeds with the bare minimum of vibration or noise. Their broad application means that bearings can be found in a huge range of recognisable items, including cars, computers, aeroplanes, tools, fans, fridges and conveyor belts. When a part moves, turns or twists, it is very likely to contain a bearing.

Whether you need ball bearings, roller bearings, linear bearings or thrust bearings for your industrial or domestic application, we have the products you need - all at great prices and from the best-known brands in the business.

The different types to know

    • Ball bearings and roller bearings use small and rotating cylindrical balls made from metal, which separate the component parts and reduce the degree of operational friction.
      Linear bearings allow free movement in one direction or another and use pad, roller or bushing systems.
      Thrust bearings move the load in the shaft's axis direction and are a form of rotary bearing.
  • Not sure what type of bearing you need? Just contact our helpful team and we will be more than happy to assist you. We also have full product information on every page along with downloadable instructions or drawings where these are provided by the manufacturer. You can also see customer reviews to help you make the right decision about your purchase. Don#39;t worry if you order the wrong thing, as we offer a full, no-hassle returns guarantee.

    A quality business

    We are an ISO 9001 business that has maintained a 100 per cent compliance rate since we first applied for the leading accreditation in 2011. We constantly reinvest in the operation of our business for the benefit of our customers, whether this means training our staff to the highest level of customer service excellence, investing in logistics management services that streamline our warehouse and ensure that every parcel is sent in perfect condition, or investing in our website for a smooth ordering experience with safety and security guaranteed online.

    Why shop with us

    We offer free delivery on all orders - even a single small component part for your garage project! We also offer great rates on next day and international deliveries.

    We provide the same level of customer service whether you are a domestic hobby buyer or a large commercial buyer seeking to purchase in bulk and on repeat. We offer trade credit accounts to business customers. Customers can purchase securely and safely from our website via their own private online account area and we are always developing our website for the best possible experience.

    All orders are rapidly and expertly fulfilled from our UK warehouse using the latest technologies and tracking experiences for reliable delivery. Our customers benefit from a full returns guarantee without quibble as part of our total commitment to customer satisfaction and service.

    Come and experience the difference when you shop online with us today!


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