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Bike Consumer Tools

Bike consumer tools help cyclists to maintain their own bikes at a fraction of the cost of workshop repairs.

Work Stands and Mounts

Cyclo work stands and workstation accessories enable you to work comfortably and safely on your bike and to carry out maintenance jobs quickly and easily. With a work stand, you can do jobs yourself that would otherwise require someone to hold the bike.

The mobile bicycle mount works brilliantly with the clamp head, which is available either integrated into the mount or bought as two separate items. The stand has folding legs and a maximum height of 140cm. The clamp head has soft jaws that won't scratch a cycle and are suitable for any frame material. The head rotates 360 degrees. You can use the clamp head one-handed and it will mount to the cross bar, seatpost or downtube. It's also handy for bike storage.

We stock floor, wall and bench mounts for use with the stand. And Cyclo also has a modular tool tray that can be rotated round the stand pole for easy access to parts and bicycle repair tools.

Cycle Maintenance Tools - Bottom Bracket Installation and Removal

Hollowtech II chainsets and bottom brackets can easily be installed and removed using the Hollowtech nylon crank mounting tool. There's also a heavy-duty Hollowtech guide shaft. The Shimano Hollowtech II bottom bracket tool has a cap remover that attaches magnetically to the main tool to stop it getting lost. A complete circle head prevents slippage.

The Cyclo M14 adaptor is also for use in removing bottom brackets. There's a Cyclo one inch, 32mm adapter to be used with the Cyclo bottom bracket removal tool and the square taper from Campag. However, there's also a Cyclo tool that will adapt to all bottom brackets.

If you're serious about bicycle repair tools and need to go one stage further than bike consumer tools, look at the Cyclo Bottom Bracket Removal Tool Set. Inside the heavy-duty aluminium case is a full modular tool system which fits all bottom brackets, external and internal.

We also stock a Shimano fit bottom bracket cartridge tool and a high-quality hardened remover for bottom brackets that fits Campag, SKF and FAG.

Campagnolo have a bottom bracket cartridge remover and cassette lockring which is case-hardened. We stock a number of cassette lockring tools and headcup removal tools.

The Headset & Bottom Bracket Press Tool has a press head with handles plus an additional handle. It has a quick release nut which has profiles for various cup sizes. This eliminates the need to unscrew the nut to get the plate released.

There are many other cycle maintenance tools on offer - browse through them, and remember that you can buy with confidence because of our no-quibble refund policy.


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