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Four Point Contact Ball Bearings

Simply Bearings is among the foremost suppliers of bearing units in the United Kingdom, with a vast inventory of products including an extensive selection of four point contact ball bearings.

The unique ball path geometry of a four point bearing means it can handle thrust, radial and movement loads at the same time. This allows designs to be simplified, with no need for a second bearing, saving cost, weight and space in the final product. Additional benefits include greater rigidity and accuracy, reduced maintenance requirements, and faster installation.

Four point bearings typically feature one row of balls with an inner and outer race and ball groves generated from two centres, each having a radius slightly larger than the ball radius. The angle of contact can be varied to suit the application.

By eliminating the need for a second bearing, there is no need for diameter matching and no risk of wobble being caused by two bearings of unequal runout, which enhances the accuracy of the assembly. Four point bearings are best suited to applications where speeds are slow to moderate or in applications where the level of oscillatory movement is great enough to cause the individual ball bearings to make one or more revolutions.

Typical applications include traction motors, steering columns, pumps, retarders and compressors, all of which require bearings with high levels of reliability and the ability to handle both high limiting speeds and rapid changes in speed.

With design engineers under increasing pressure to reduce the cost and weight of their creations, four point contact ball bearings are an increasingly popular solution. Despite their ability to do the work of multiple sets of bearings, four point designs do not require any additional maintenance; in fact, in many applications they require less.

With free shipping available on any UK order, regardless of size, and highly-competitive rates on worldwide shipping, we are your one-stop shop when it comes to buying four point contact ball bearings for any kind of application. Contact a member of our friendly, hugely-experienced sales team to find out more about the ways in which Simply Bearings can meet all your component needs.


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