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At Simply Bearings we don't only stock bearings and the tools required to work with them: we have all of the lubricants that you need too, including greases and hydraulic oil. So we have everything you need to work with equipment that uses bearings in a range of industrial and domestic applications.

Our range of hydraulic oil is available in a number of different grades, from ISO 32 up to ISO 68 viscosity. They're perfect for use in the lubrication of pumps, actuators and valves, offer good resistance to foaming and cavitation and help protect equipment against corrosion and rust. They're suitable for use on a range of industrial plant, machine tools, pumps and more. ISO 32 oil comes in 4.55 litre packs, with heavier grades supplied in 25 litre sizes.

A requirement for bearing lubricant often includes grease, and we stock a range of commercial and industrial grease products for a variety of applications. These include copper grease for use on nuts and bolts before assembly to ensure easy release - ideal for things such as wheel studs, for example. We also stock lithium grease that offers protection at high temperatures along with good corrosion resistance. This is ideal for things such as wheel bearings and hinges as well as for use in a number of industrial applications.

Other specialist lubricants we stock include Super Lube for use on O-rings to help assembly and avoid damage occurring from abrasion or pinching. It also helps to extend the seal life by protecting it from atmospheric degradation. For heavy-duty applications we offer high-viscosity grease. This withstands a wide temperature range and is suitable for use on industrial equipment such as crushers and rotating drums as well as the rollers on kilns and dryers that are subject to high temperatures. For quick lubricating jobs we can also supply that old standby, WD-40.

As one of the first companies in the UK to sell bearings and the equipment to support and maintain them online, Simply Bearings has more than a decade of experience in meeting the needs of large companies. We're also happy to deal with smaller orders for individuals and businesses.


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