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V-Ring Seals

Simply Bearings is a leading UK-based stockist and retailer of new and replacement parts for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. We have earned a well-deserved worldwide reputation for the truly comprehensive nature of our stock, covering all sorts of bearings, seals and other parts that cannot be found elsewhere. This stock includes an extensive array of V-ring seals available in both nitrile and Viton synthetic rubbers. We have no doubt that you'll be able to find the exact part demanded by your project or client.

V-rings are designed for use in radial and axial loaded applications, such as those found in agricultural and automotive machinery, light and heavy industrial plant, waterwheels, pumps and a range of other engineering applications. The V-ring seal is mounted directly onto the shaft, rotating with it. The lip seal of the ring presses against the bearing or housing, whilst a shaft-side seal is provided by the body of the ring, which is held in place due to its firm grip around the shaft.

V-rings are generally inexpensive and provide a high degree of durability. They can tolerate both misalignment with the shaft and damaged shafts adequately, and work to deflect hydrocarbon oils, greases, liquids, sands and grit. Our stock features V-rings appropriate for shaft sizes ranging from just 2.7mm up to 705mm. To locate a seal with your required dimensions, just use the drop-down menus at the top of the page to specify your requirements.

Our Viton V-ring seals are designed in A-section format, featuring a flat rear face and lacking a rigid steel shell unlike most other oil seals. Composed of a single moulded body made entirely of rubber, with a conical lip on the outer diameter, these V-rings can be stretched easily over flanges, bearings, keys, fittings and couplings for a perfect and highly durable seal.

Our stock of nitrile V-ring seals, by contrast, comes in S-section format. These nitrile seals require more space to mount than A-section V-rings, due to their conical rear face. They also feature a single moulded body, providing extra durability and flexibility, with a conical lip for extra sealing power.

Finding the right seal with correct ratings is highly important, as different types of rubber boast varying levels of resistance to chemicals and heat. We've developed detailed chemical resistance tables for every ring - simply click the link when viewing a specific product to be presented with a table listing all chemical resistances, rated from 'Excellent' to 'Totally Unsuitable'. We hope this gives you the peace of mind that your chosen ring seal will be fully up to the task at hand.


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