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Qualcast Lawn Mower Parts

In the history of British manufacturing, Qualcast probably deserves a chapter of its own. Although the Derwent Foundry in Derby made its first Qualcast mower in 1920, the foundry was already 120 years old. Its roots go back to the early days of the industrial revolution.

When the company was made public in 1928 it took on the name of its key product - Qualcast iron castings, from which the mowers were made. It continued to produce general ferrous metal products, such as die castings, into the late 20th century; however, mowers became its main focus. It absorbed other early mower manufacturers, such as Follows & Bate of Manchester and Kaufmann Mowers of Suffolk (the maker of The Suffolk Punch), and acquired Charles Pugh, maker of Atco mowers, in 1965.

Qualcast, Suffolk Punch and Atco continue to be the company's leading brand names. Following a takeover by Bosch in 2011, the Qualcast brand name has been exclusively licensed to the Home Retail Group, which owns Argos and Homebase; as a result, it has become associated with more budget-oriented models. Older Qualcast, Suffolk Punch and Atco designs were divested to the Allett company and absorbed into its green and gold Classic and Expert cylinder-mower ranges.

Qualcast lawn mower parts

Modern Qualcast lawn mower parts can usually be fitted in a variety of models, including some from the Atco range and even other manufacturers; however, we highly recommend that you identify the part you need by finding its part number or the name of the model you own. Simply Bearings will be happy to help you do this if you are in any doubt - just give us a call if you need a little assistance.

To get the best performance from your mower and to maximise its lifespan, Qualcast lawn mower blades should be checked regularly. It is often possible to sharpen a metal mower blade if done carefully; alternatively, it is very simple to replace them with a new perfect blade.

Lighter electric models may use several plastic blades like those used in grass trimmers. These need checking and replacing frequently. Keep a bagful in your garden toolbox.

Qualcast lawn mower blade spacers

While checking your Qualcast lawn mower blades, also check the Qualcast lawn mower blade height spacers. Qualcast lawn mower blade spacers are used to set the blade at the ideal height and angle to cut the grass but can easily become worn or cracked.

If you require Qualcast lawn mower blade height spacers for older models, contact our customer service line.

Qualcast lawn mower blade mounting discs

Another part to inspect occasionally is the Qualcast lawn mower blade mounting discs. This is the central disc into which your blades attach. In use, Qualcast lawn mower blade mounting discs can be subjected to considerable impacts; over time, the spinning of the blades can also cause wear. Again, this is a part that is fairly easy to replace if necessary.


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