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Replacement Drive Tyres

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Replacement Drive Tyres

Flexible drive shaft couplings have the virtues of absorbing vibration, shocks and degrees of misalignment, and the key to the effectiveness and durability of these couplings is the quality of their connecting tyres. These replacement drive tyres are therefore guaranteed best quality and extremely hardwearing. We usually source them from Dunlop, whose expertise in the field is unmatched and needs no introduction.

Another advantage of this type of coupling is that they are very easy to maintain, including the fitting of replacement drive tyres. All that is normally required is to loosen, but not remove, the bolts until the old tyre is loose enough to prise away, then replace with the new tyre and retighten.

Note that these tyres are split to facilitate easy removal and refitting. When the correct tyre is fully seated into the opposing flanges and the bolts tightened, the gap in the two halves of tyre should close to within 2mm on small to average units and leave no more than a 10mm opening in the largest sizes. Large tyres are sometimes easier to fully seat into the flanges with the assistance of a rubber mallet (this should not be needed with smaller assemblies). Bolts can be tightened with a torque wrench. Guides to optimum torque can be found online, or Simply Bearings staff are always happy to offer fitting advice.

Take care to keep the components of your shaft assembly clean and free of any grease or dust. These couplings do not require lubrication.

Once assembled, the rubber compounds of these tyres are highly tolerant of most chemical environments - such as salt water, abrasive dust or caustic spray - and stable across a wide temperature range; however, if your environment is sensitive to static or static fire risks, FRAS variants (fire resistant anti-static) are available. These tyres are manufactured from a synthetic form of rubber based on chloroprene. Choose natural rubber replacement drive tyres if your application does not require this precaution.

Tyres are also available with matching flanges and fitting bolts in ready to assemble couplings (see other sections). Your coupling requires flanges matched in size; however, each may be machined differently according to the preferred method of attachment to their respective shafts. Having one flange machined with an outward taper and the other with an inner taper, for example, may make it easier to fit and tighten the attaching bushes from a particular direction if the coupling is difficult to access from the other.

These tyres are bi-directional, with reinforcing cords running symmetrically in both directions. This means replacement drive tyres can be fitted either way round, or reversed whilst in service.

Tyre and flange product codes do not relate to any easily measured dimension; therefore, if you need help identifying the correct tyre for your coupling, Simply Bearings provide free advice. We also offer fast delivery and free options within the UK.


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