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Rigid Couplings HF Type

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Rigid Couplings HF Type

Rigid couplings with taper bore bushes provide users with a way to quickly and easily fix connecting shafts, with the convenience of a wide selection of shaft sizes in the taper bore bush ranges.

A rigid coupling is a solid compression coupling that is used to connect two rotating shafts but is inflexible. It can transmit the full torque load of the shaft; however, as there is no flexibility to handle misalignment, these couplings need to be used on shafts that are properly aligned. Once joined, the two shafts operate as a single shaft. These coupling assemblies are widely used on drive shafts, pumps and mixers, and for general power transmission requirements.

The male flange can have the bush installed from the flange side (F) or the hub side (H); however, the female flange always has a (F) bush fitting. Two types of coupling assemblies are therefore possible: HF and FF. With rigid couplings HF type, the taper bore's larger diameter is on the hub side (H) on one flange; on the other flange, the taper bore's larger diameter is on the flange (F) side.

Rigid couplings HF type are convenient because they allow the taper bore bushes to be selected to match a wide range of shaft sizes. Both HF and FF can be used with horizontal shafts; however, FF is the most suitable for vertical shafts.

They are supplied complete as a coupling assembly, except for the tapered locking bush. You will have to buy these separately, as their size will depend on the shaft size in your application. There is a handy link in the product descriptions to remind you to buy the bushes. The maximum bore available with these rigid couplings HF type ranges between 32mm and 110mm, or 1?" to 4?".

These couplings are made by Dunlop, so they are of excellent quality, and you can get even better value on your purchases if you buy several items at the same time. If you buy 10, for example, you get a great discount, with the discount rising the more you buy. It may be worth buying some extra couplings for the store room to take advantage of the price.

Delivery is never a problem. Our normal delivery is free, fast and reliable; however, we also offer other options. You may choose to have the item guaranteed to be delivered the next day, for example, or even the same day. We also deliver overseas, and our international delivery is excellent value. Just add the items to your shopping cart and select the country you require. The delivery charge will be calculated and displayed.


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