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Ryobi Strimmer Parts

Ryobi strimmer parts come in a wide range of line thicknesses and lengths. Head assemblies and spool covers are also available.

Ryobi strimmer parts - line thicknesses

Choosing the appropriate line thickness for Ryobi strimmer cutting lines will help you to get the perfect cut. Some jobs, such as cutting grass, only need a narrow line; others, such as clearing heavy undergrowth or plants with thicker stalks, require a thicker cutting line. Ryobi strimmer cutting lines come in various thicknesses:

1.3mm lines for lighter jobs

The thinnest is 1.3mm, which comes in a spool and line kit with 2 x 3.5m lengths of line. This is equivalent to the RAC 119 and is suitable for the RLT3025S, RLT2523, RLT3023, RLT3025F and RLT3525S models.

1.5mm lines for general garden use

The most commonly-used line is the 1.5mm. This is a good all-rounder, capable of both cutting grass and clearing most garden weeds and undergrowth. This comes in a kit with the spool and line, with the line lengths varying according to the model:

1.5mm - 2 x 5m lengths for the ELT630, ELT3725, ELT4235, RLT3725, RLT3725CH, RLT5030AH, RLT5031AH and RST560.

1.5mm - 2 x 3m lengths for the RET402A and RET503A.

1.5mm - 1 x 6m length for the RLT36, RLT36B and RLT36C33.

Twin lines 1.5mm - 2 x 5m length for the RLT 4027, RLT 5027, RLT 5030S, RLT 5030SG, RLT 6030 and RY41140. This is equivalent to the lTA-062, RAC109, 31104178G and RAC123.

2mm and 2.4mm lines for heavier undergrowth

2mm - 2 x 3m lengths - see Ryobi HL001 and the RY201 on the product page.

2mm - 1 x 6m length - see Ryobi 205 on the product page.

2.4mm - 2 x 2.25m lengths - see Ryobi HL002 on the product page.

GP006 trim cut head and lines

This is a universal part replacement for the bump-feed head, so it is suitable for all petrol strimmers with a hexagonal mounting boss. It can take any shape of trimmer line up to a maximum of 2.4mm.

Ryobi strimmer head assemblies

Ryobi strimmer head assemblies have either right-hand or left-hand thread bolts. The HL007 is equivalent to the lTA001, lTA003 and 5132000077 and is suitable for a wide range of head assemblies. The pack contains housing, spool and line, retaining bolt, spring, and right-hand thread bolt.

HL009, RY204, RY207 and RY702 are similar kits with a right-hand thread bolt - see the product listings for compatible strimmer models. HL008 and HL010 are similar to the 007 except with a left-hand thread bolt.

Ryobi strimmer spools, including spool, line and spool cover

Ryobi strimmer spools come with a variety of line lengths and thicknesses:

RY451 has a 1.3mm line thickness and includes the coil. It is suitable for Ryobi models RLT2523, RLT3023, RLT3025F and RLT3025.

CG403 - 1.5mm line, 2 x 5m length. It is suitable for Ryobi models RLT36, RLT36B and RLT36C33


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