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Nitrile O Rings

Simply Bearings is a market-leading supplier of replacement parts for a huge variety of industrial and plant equipment. We are proud to offer a wide selection of nitrile O rings from our modern warehouse based in the heart of Lancashire. The range of nitrile O rings that we stock is truly extensive, with O ring cross sections varying from 0.5mm to 7mm and inside/outside diameters ranging from 0.74mm to over 670mm. This allows us to say with confidence that we can supply the precise product to meet your requirements.

Nitrile rubber is a polymer-based synthetic rubber that displays a high resistance to hydrocarbons, acids and oil, among other chemicals. Nitrile, otherwise known as Buna-N or NBR, is widely used across many branches of industry to make fuel and oil handling equipment, such as hoses, seals and self-sealing fuel tanks in cases where ordinary organic rubber would fail. Nitrile rubber can withstand temperatures ranging from -40c to +108c, and it is even used in aeronautical and nuclear applications.

O rings are one of the simplest and most widely used form of seal, which is not surprising given that they are largely affordable, easy to mount and reliable. O rings can be used in static or dynamic applications, and they enable both linear and rotary movement, making them ideal for hydraulic cylinder pistons or rotating pump shafts. Nitrile oil seals are also commonly used in automotive applications to provide a durable and secure sealing solution.

You can conveniently search our extensive range using either the drop-down menus at the top of the page, or if you know specifically what you're looking for, try searching by size with the search boxes located to the left of the page.

For more information on the specific chemical resistances of any of the nitrile oil seals in our range, simply click Chemical Resistance Table to view a searchable list of chemicals and see how they interact with that specific O ring. O ring compatibility with each chemical is rated from 1 for Excellent to * for Totally Unsuitable to ensure that you find a product that will do its job safely and successfully.

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest levels of customer service, so it's only natural that we offer free delivery on all orders in the UK. We also offer generous price reductions for higher-volume purchases. If you have any questions or need help in finding the right nitrile O rings for your application, please get in touch and a knowledgeable and friendly member of our team will be happy to assist you.


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