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Quality Shaft Collars

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Shaft Collars

Small but important components, shaft collars are effectively mechanical stops that locate items attached to a shaft. Used to keep bearings on shafts, to position shafts or to keep items on shafts separate, shaft collars are usually made of zinc-plated steel or stainless steel to provide corrosion resistance. They have a wide range of uses in agriculture, plant and the automotive sector as well as in light and heavy industrial machinery.

The can be in the form of a solid collar kept in place on the shaft by a grub screw, or with a single or double split to make them easy to adjust and fit.

A single split shaft collar is easily moved into position on the shaft and can then be tightened up to clamp it firmly into place. This makes them a good choice for the accurate positioning of other components like bearings and sprockets.

Using a double split shaft collar has the advantage that they can be fitted or removed without the need to disassemble other components on the shaft. Once in position, it clams firmly into place using two grub screws. In the case of stainless-steel collars, the screws are made or the same material to provide maximum corrosion resistance.

At Simply Bearings, we stock a wide range of shaft collars in different sizes, making them suitable for a variety of different applications. You can order direct from our website, and if you get your order in by 4pm it will be dispatched the same day. Should you need any help or advice you can give our friendly customer services team a call and they'll be happy to assist, whether you're placing a small order or a large one.

We ship by second-class post free of charge, but first-class or courier services are available if you need your order faster. Just select the option you prefer during checkout on the website and the delivery costs will be calculated automatically. We're happy to ship to overseas customers as well as those in the UK, and our 90-day no-quibble money-back guarantee allows you to buy with confidence.


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