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Stainless Steel Spherical Outer Inserts - Stainless Outer Bearing Inserts

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Stainless Steel Inserts

Even with regular and effective maintenance, there are elements of your machinery that will undoubtedly need repairing or replacing from time to time and it's important that these are carried out effectively and in a timely fashion, to prevent any damage being caused.

At Simply Bearings we can help you with all your bearing needs and we have a wide range of related items, including stainless steel inserts, so you can source everything you need all in one place.

When your bearing inserts need replacing, stainless steel products such as imperial sized bearing inserts are a good choice, as they offer a cost effective item that can be inserted quickly and easily, reducing the amount of downtime that you experience. Once the stainless steel inserts have been fitted, they can simply be tightened against the shaft to provide a secure and reliable seal.

We have both imperial and metric sized bearing inserts in stock at Simply Bearings, enabling you to source the exact size for your requirements and giving you a perfect fit every time. All of our bearing inserts can be searched for by both inside and outside diameter, making it easy to find the precise model you need.

To give your stainless steel inserts additional protection, particularly when used in damp or wet environments, it's beneficial to cover them completely in grease where this is practical. However, they will still suffer from corrosion eventually, but they can be quickly removed when necessary and a new insert fitted.

The stainless steel inserts available on our website have been designed for use in a range of environments, allowing you to select the best fit for your needs. This includes both imperial and metric sized bearing inserts that have been approved for use in the manufacture of food products, so you know that you're choosing an insert that is safe to use.

We have both metric and imperial sized bearing inserts available in a number of different diameter specifications, but if the item you order doesn't meet with your needs we provide a 90 day 100% refund guarantee. This enables you to return the products directly to us for a full refund or a replacement, giving you added peace of mind when ordering online.

The Simply Bearings website is easy to order from, but if you have any problems or have a question, our customer service team will be happy to help.


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