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Stainless Steel Single Split Shaft Collars

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Stainless Steel Single Split Shaft Collars

At Simply Bearings we stock a wide range of shaft collars that can quickly and easily be clamped into place to secure a shaft. These shaft collars are available as single split, double split or unsplit versions and it is simple to select the specific type of collar that you require for your needs. On the website you will find an extensive selection of stainless steel single split shaft collars with clamp bolts, which can be used to position a number of components.

Our single split shaft collars can be ordered in a number of different metric sizes to enable you to choose the precise dimensions for your particular specifications. These shaft locking collars can be used on the majority of bearings, sprockets, pulleys and gears, and work to keep them securely in place. They are quick to fit and release, which reduces the time taken to service and repair machinery, so minimising any downtime.

Stainless steel single split shaft collars are suitable for use in a range of circumstances, but they are commonly located in the power transmissions of gearboxes and motors. Here they are used as a way of positioning components by acting as a mechanical stop. They help to keep bearings in the correct position on shafts and to ensure elements remain separate. As well as the automotive sector, shaft collars are often found in plant and agricultural machinery.

At Simply Bearings we understand that our customers are seeking a high quality product that meets their needs and is durable. Our selection of shaft collars can be manufactured from stainless steel to ensure they are resistant to corrosion, which gives you peace of mind that they will last and are good enough for the job.

You can order from our stock of stainless steel single split shaft collars with clamp bolts directly from the website, which is clearly laid out to make it easy to find the products you require. If you're still unsure about the precise type of shaft collar you require, our customer service team are on hand to provide assistance during office hours.

All orders received by 4pm can be dispatched on that day and you can upgrade to a next day delivery service if you require your products quickly.


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