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Steel / PTFE Lined Studded Female Rod Ends

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Steel / PTFE Lined Studded Female Rod Ends

Our steel / PTFE lined studded female rod end bearings are suitable for a wide variety of automotive and industrial applications. Perhaps the most common is in steering and suspension assemblies, where long life and reliability are critical. Simply Bearings therefore stock only the best and most reliable quality branded products - PTFE (Teflon) linings providing the best shock resistance, lubrication and low maintenance available.

In steel / PTFE lined studded female rod ends the joint is one piece with a threaded socket - for connection to rods (you will need a male if your drive shaft is tubular). This range also come complete with threaded male studs (rod ends without are available in other categories of the store). Both right-hand threaded and left-hand threaded joints exist in both imperial and metric sizes - so if in any doubt as to the correct type for your vehicle or other assemblage, just give us a call.

You'll find steel / PTFE lined studded female rod end bearings often referred to as heim or rose joints. They're used where degrees of misalignment in the joints are expected due to varying motions whilst in use - as in car steering and suspension. The tolerance to misalignment in this range will easily accommodate most applications (typically, the studs take +/- 25? misalignment in any direction), but if you require them for less typical projects where potential misalignment is greater, there are variations with increased tolerance or special spacers (not washers) that can be fitted to extend that functionality.

PTFE lined rod ends are a little stiffer when new than plain one-piece metal ones - this is normal. Normally, lubrication of PTFE lined rod-ends is unnecessary, but in the rare event you notice a little squeaking, a small amount of Teflon lubricant - such as our Weldite Teflon Surface Protector - can be applied. Don't use any other kind of lubricant, as it will attract dirt to the ball and increase wear.

How to Recognise When You Need to Replace Old Rod Ends

Common signs in a vehicle that new steel / PTFE lined studded female rod end bearings are needed are play in the steering wheel and uneven wear of the tyres. Reach underneath and manually try to wiggle the rods - any significant movement is a sign of wear. Remember to check wheel alignment after fitting new ones. The number of turns of the shaft needed to remove the old one should be duplicated when re-fitting after a replacement.

We also supply most of the accessories you may require - nuts, adapters, spacers, clips, pins and tools to aid removal of old steel / PTFE lined studded female rod ends for replacement. Order online for fast delivery and a no-quibble money-back guarantee.


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