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Sterling Aerosols

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Chain Spray
Drilling Spray
Silicone Spray
Penetrating Spray
Electrical Cleaner
Engine Degreaser
Zinc Spray
Line Marker Spray
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Sterling Aerosols

There is a Sterling aerosol for almost every application you can think of, so let's look at a selection of Sterling aerosols and their uses:

The carburettor cleaner will clean every fuel system component, getting rid of carbon and general dirt. A carburettor cleaner helps to improve engine performance and delivers better fuel efficiency.

Use the engine degreaser when you need premium performance. Grime, grease and oil are all removed from the engine, with this engine degreaser having a quick-acting formula.

The silicone spray is a high-quality product that can be used on vinyl, rubber, wood, plastic and metal.

The penetrating oil spray contains graphite and has low viscosity but contains some lubricant to reduce friction. It will make short work of freeing seized nuts and helps to protect metal parts against corrosion.

For a general-purpose solvent and cleaner, use the electrical cleaner aerosol. This is also residue-free.

To stop belts slipping and improve their grip in wet conditions, use the belt dressing aerosol. This will also clean belts and lengthen their life.

It is important to protect skin against contaminants when working with resins, plastics, alkalis and acids. The barrier cream in a handy spray is easy to apply.

There is also a chain and cable lube spray and a general lube spray, which give long-lasting protection.

For high-technology applications, there is a dry film lube. This contains PTFE to repel moisture and resist both acids and alkalis.

If you want to prolong the life of tools and reduce the amount of heat generated during procedures such as drilling, cutting and tapping, Sterling has a specialised aerosol spray for just this purpose. It can prevent galling and reduce both drag and friction.

Welds on galvanised surfaces and on bare metal need some protection, so use the Sterling zinc galvanising spray to prevent corrosion on steel fabrications and pipes. This can be used with both cellulose and acrylic paint.

In cold or wet or weather, it is handy to have a can of engine start spray. This can be used to start diesel, petrol and paraffin engines, reducing the drain on the battery; however, bear in mind that this product is extremely flammable.

Yellow line marking spray is useful in all kinds of applications. This spray can be used inside and outside and is touch-dry in half an hour.

Delivery restrictions ? UK

Unfortunately, we can't ship these aerosols in the normal way using our free delivery service, as both FedEx and Royal Mail treat them as restricted items. A carrier service fee will therefore be added to your order; however, if your order totals over £40, the carrier service is free.

Shipping to mainland UK only

The International Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) forbids transportation of items such as these Sterling aerosols. Regretfully, this means we can't supply these products to any addresses outside the mainland UK.


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