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Supagarden Strimmer Parts

Supagarden strimmer spools and Supagarden strimmer cutting lines are ideal for models such as the TR300. This lighter strimmer has a 1.3mm cutting line, which makes it suitable for grass cutting and trimming around lawn edges, garden furniture or statues.

As the strimmer is lighter, it is tempting to use it in a more casual way without taking too many safety precautions; however, even a smaller, lighter strimmer can be a hazardous tool. It is therefore important to follow some basic safety rules, such as not strimming wearing sandals or very light shoes; instead, try to find a pair of boots you can wear.

Go over the ground you are about to strim - even if it is only your lawn - to check for items that might fly up when you are strimming. Birds drop stones and twigs, the wind carries debris, and so on. These can all suddenly become airborne - if they hit you in the eye, they can cause discomfort at the very least. For this reason, many people wear safety glasses when strimming. Even the stalks of plants such as nettles and thistles can cause eye injuries, so it is a wise precaution to take.

Similarly, gauntlets or gardening gloves with a good grip can prevent the strimmer slipping or being accidentally dropped.

Supagarden strimmer parts

When you are ordering Supagarden strimmer parts, why not consider buying a few and keeping some as spares? We offer great discounts on bulk purchases. There are few things more annoying than starting a day's work only to find that the line breaks, you don't have a spare and must postpone what you were going to do until a new one arrives.

TR300 strimmer spool & line 1.3mm, 2x2m

This is suitable for the Supagarden model SGGT5. The 1.3mm line is thick enough to deal effectively with garden weeds and to trim grass, borders and paths; however, it is not suitable for very heavy undergrowth and thicker shrubs.

Supagarden strimmer cutting lines come in a kit with Supagarden strimmer spools. If you need one of these urgently, we are happy to arrange express delivery. Our normal delivery is fast and reliable but for same day or guaranteed next day delivery, just talk to our helpful telephone team. We will be happy to set this up for you - it is all part of the Simply Bearings service that sets us apart from the rest.


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