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Swing Chainsaw Parts

If you have decided to buy a new chain for your chainsaw, it may seem that as long as you have the correct brand - Swing chainsaw parts, for example - you can't go far wrong; however, it is still important to check the chainsaw size accurately and make sure that your Swing model is listed as an appropriate match for each size of Swing chainsaw spares.

Swing chainsaw parts - drive length and pitch

The distance between any two links on Swing chainsaw chains is known as the pitch. This is frequently a distance of ⅜ inch - usefully, the pitch size is nearly always displayed on the chainsaw's guide bar. You will also see it beneath the product description on the Swing chainsaw spares listings.

In many cases, a particular length of chain will fit a particular size of bar and there will only be one type of chain with a specific number of links; in other cases, a specific length of chain will be available in two variants with a different number of links in each. Getting the correct number of links for your particular chainsaw is very important, as using a chain with the wrong number can lead to problems.

Replacement Swing chainsaw chains

There are two replacement Swing chainsaw chains available that will fit a Swing chainsaw with a 40cm bar (equivalent to a 16-inch bar). One of the chains has 56 drive links and the other has 57. It is important to order the correct one, as the two chains are intended for use with different models:

  • The Swing CH056 has 56 drive links and is intended for chainsaws with a 40cm chain. The specific model that this chain fits is the 1640KS.
  • The Swing CH057 has 57 drive links and is also intended for chainsaws with a 40cm chain. The specific models that this chain fits are the 1600-40, 1840KS, 2049KS, EKS1600/1640 and EKS1800/1840.

Working safely with chainsaws

In the UK, all chainsaws have to meet stringent safety standards. These Swing chainsaw spares are no exception. Make sure that you are also working as safely as possible by investing in some safety gear. We have a range of safety wear specifically for people working with chainsaws. The range includes an integrated set that combines ear defenders, helmet and visor. There are also specialist chainsaw user gloves and protective chaps to be worn over trousers.


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