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Tillage Bearings

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Tillage Bearings

Agricultural machinery works hard, and needs to be kept fully operational. Downtime is inefficient and, in today's competitive agricultural sector, it can have a huge impact. At Simply Bearings, we sell a great range of tillage bearings, for a range of applications. Like all our products, our bearings are built to last, with minimal maintenance and with the ability to keep performing even in the most challenging conditions.

We offer flanged disc units and gang disc harrow bearings, as well as a range of more specialised bearings, all in stock for next day delivery. Our range of flanged disc units includes Hex Bore, Round Bore and Square Bore, whilst we offer gang disc harrow bearings as Round or Square Bore. Our bearings are manufactured by Peer, a US firm with a worldwide reputation for tillage bearing quality, consistency and performance. Peer are makers of the industry's largest range of common round and square size tillage bearings.

These bolt-on parts are directly interchangeable on industry standard machinery and help to increase productivity. They withstand severe shocks, due to their thick riveted steel housings, and are sealed to require minimal re-lubrication and to eliminate contamination. Their static misalignment capability helps give tolerance for imprecise mounting, whilst their dynamic misalignment capability helps combat internal bearing damage and housing wear. Our seedbed finisher flanged disc units utilise two bearing assemblies, with our gang disc harrow bearings utilising two to three support bearings on a common shaft. As well as the industry standard bearings, we offer a range of specialised bearings for machinery capable of both tillage and harvest, and for lawn and garden machinery.

To make sure you get the right tillage bearings for your machinery, don't hesitate to call our team for advice. We offer discounts for bulk purchases and trade accounts for large and frequent orders, as well as same-day despatch if the order is placed by 4pm. Second class shipping in the UK is free, and first class or courier delivery is available at a small additional cost. We're very proud of our no-quibble refund guarantee and we're happy to supply both small and large orders from the UK and worldwide.


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