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Garden Vac Parts

The garden vacuum is a must-have tool for those with trees or deciduous shrubs, making short work of autumn leaf fall and summer seed drops. Raking leaves manually leads to a further gathering-up job; however, using the garden vacuum deals with the leaves and enables you to dump them on your compost or directly into a bag or bin.

Homeowners without trees can also make use of the vacuum to remove grass clippings. Rather than constantly emptying the clippings when mowing the lawn, many householders choose to leave the clippings on the lawn for quicker mowing; afterwards, they vacuum up the grass clippings.

Universal garden vac parts are suitable for the majority of petrol garden vacuum machines. They will also fit other small garden tool engines that have a 12mm plug.

Spark plugs are a vital element of garden vac parts because they ensure reliable operation. You will also need robust replacement vacuum bags, and you can get both from Simply Bearings. Shredding lines are also key garden vacuum spares and will help to reduce the volume of leaves and other garden waste collected by the garden vacuum, meaning you don't have to empty the bag so often. The shred lines also stop any debris and foreign objects, such as stones, entering the garden vac.

Universal garden vac 12mm spark plug

This is a part that can be used with these machines: Bosch WS7E, WS8E, WS9EC, STK 7542 and STC 7543; Denso T20M-U, W14M-US, W14MR-U, W14M-U, W14M-U10, W20M-U, W20M-U, W22M-U, W22M-US, 6015, 6016, 6019, 6022, 6026, 6034, 6036, 6039 and 6048; NGK BM4A, BMR4A, BM6A, BM7, BM7A, STK 5728, STK 5921, STK 6321 and STK 6521.

Universal garden vacuum parts

The garden vac parts will enable you to work efficiently, ensuring your garden vac starts first time and catches all the cuttings and debris you are creating. The vac bags fit a wide range of garden vacuums - Simply Bearings stocks VB400, VB450 and VB300 bags. Consult your user manual on garden vacuum spares and you will find a recommendation for which bag best fits your garden vacuum machine.

There is probably nothing more frustrating than deciding to clear the leaves covering the lawn, only to find that the garden vacuum isn't working. Don't worry - when you order from us, our normal delivery is fast and reliable; in addition, if it is super-urgent, you can arrange same day or guaranteed next day delivery. It may be a good idea to order some spare spark plugs and vacuum bags to make sure you are ready for whatever the next season brings.


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