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XH Profile Wedge Toothed Belts 22.23mm (7/8 inch) Pitch

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XH Profile Wedge Toothed Belts 22.23mm (7/8 inch) Pitch

Synchronous drive toothed belts are in wide use as a means of power transmission from one shaft to another. As well as automotive uses, they're found in photocopiers, sewing machines and a huge variety of other applications. They are an effective and economical way to implement a custom-made design when there is a need to transmit torque and power.

Some drive applications are more demanding than others. Where there's a need for high transmission ratios, or there are small diameter pulleys, belts operating at high speed, or back tensioning rollers, synchronous drive belts are flexible enough to deliver a solution.

They are extremely robust, with low levels of deformation and superb fatigue resistance. In difficult environments, where you have extreme temperature ranges, for example, these belts can provide ultra-reliable service with no maintenance.

The belt's teeth act like teeth on a gear, mating with the spaces on the pulleys. The result is that the belt can be kept at a very low tension, minimising the load on the axles and bearings. In addition, the supple and flexible belt design and the optimal match between the pulley tooth spacing and the belt tooth spacing provide practically friction-free operation with 98% efficiency.


The pitch is the distance between the middle of one tooth and the middle of the next. In these drives, that is 22.22 mm and the belts have a standard depth of 11.2mm. There is a range of belt widths, from 50.8 mm to 127mm (2" to 5"). Belt length and number of teeth are obviously related - if you select one, the other measurement will displayed. So you can select a length of from 1289.05 mm to 4445 mm (50.75" to 175") and the number of teeth on the belt (58 to 200) will be shown. Or select the number of teeth to see the length.

Compact, Light and Quiet Drives

These XH profile wedge toothed belts 22.22mm pitch allow designers to construct economical drives that are both light and compact. The belt's high dynamic loadability and high capacity for power transmission make it possible to use small pulley diameters and short centre distances.

The belts also reduce noise because the rubber teeth are fabric-faced. With either plastic or metal pulleys, operation is noticeably quieter.

Maintenance-Free and Robust

These XH profile wedge toothed belts 22.22mm pitch belts don't need to be lubricated or retensioned. Constant belt tension is achieved because the glass fibre cords are the load-bearing part. The belts are resistant to ozone and to oils. They can operate in temperatures of between 100 degrees Celsius to 20 degrees Celsius, depending on the application.

The belts are "major brand", which means they are supplied by major marques such as Continental, Pix, Good Year, Megadyne, Optibelt, SWR or SKF.

Remember that our no-quibble guarantee means that if you are not happy with your purchase, we will refund or replace it.


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