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XL Profile Wedge Toothed Belts 5.08mm (1/5 inch) Pitch

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XL Profile Wedge Toothed Belts 5.08mm (1/5 inch) Pitch

XL Profile Wedge Toothed Belts 5mm Pitch can transmit more power than many other types of belts and are also suitable when drive synchronisation, timing or resistance to grease, dirt, or moisture is required. The positive-grip of the transverse ribs of "teeth" provides maximum contact area with the pulley, for optimal power transmission. Also, by eliminating all slippage, they ensure a constant speed, which is ideal for synchronous operations or timed applications. This performance is reliable across a wide temperature range, typically -25°C to +100°C.

Because these toothed belts provide high resistance to deformation, fatigue, ageing and high temperature, they have very flexible applications. They stand up to challenges like high belt speed, back tensioning rollers and high transmission ratios. They are also quieter in use than most other belt types, and certainly quieter than alternative forms of transmission like gears or chains, without any need of lubrication.

Wedge-toothed belts are also chosen for their high power transmission to size ratio, enabling equipment to be reduced in scale or pulleys to be designed into tight spaces. Significant savings come from having narrower belts that carry the same load, enabling the required power to be delivered by machinery of smaller and lighter construction.

The XL profile is defined by a pitch of 5mm (or 0.2"). These belts are commonly found in materials conveyors and many other mechanical devices, large and small, including sewing machines, photocopiers, vehicle engines, printers, and packaging equipment.


Strong pre-stretched cords, often of helically wound glass fibre or aramid, are embedded in our XL wedge-toothed belts to minimise take-up while fitting and any stretching when in use. Once correctly fitted, they require very little, if any, maintenance, and no re-tensioning is likely to be required. However, wedge toothed belts are more demanding of accurate belt tensioning on installation than other belts, in order to deliver their potential performance gains. Lack of tension will inhibit bite or cause ratcheting and excess tension could distort the wedge profile, reducing the contact area of the teeth, or simply apply unnecessary wear to the transmission.

Therefore, during installation, it's important to ensure the belt grooves are fully engaged in the grooves of the pulley or pulleys, before final tensioning. In systems with multiple pulleys and serpentine routing, it is particularly easy to overlook this, so take extra care. Rotate the system by hand to ensure full contact at all points of engagement. In general, the amount of tension required is less than for flat or conventional v-belts, and the lower bearing load is another benefit.

XL profile wedge toothed belts 5mm pitch are available in all standard widths and compatible with 5mm / 0.200" pitch pulleys, which we can also supply, either unbored, pilot bored, or taper bored for use with adaptive bushings. Non-standard width belts can be cut down from the nearest available.

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