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  • INA SD26X34X4A Double Lip Polyurethane Oil Seal 26x34x4mm
  • INA SD26X34X4A Double Lip Polyurethane Oil Seal 26x34x4mm
INA SD26X34X4A Double Lip Polyurethane Oil Seal 26x34x4mm
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INA SD26X34X4A Double Lip Polyurethane Oil Seal 26x34x4mm

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Equivalent to: SD26X34X4A

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Polyurethane Double Lip Sealing Rings: Designed as contact seals, these sealing rings protect the bearing position against contamination, spray water and the excessive loss of grease. Sealing rings are matched to the small radial dimensions of needle roller bearings. They are very easy to fit, as they are simply pressed into the housing bore. Sealing rings allow circumferential speeds at the seal lip of up to 10 m/s depending on the surface quality of the shaft. This sealing ring features a contact lip and a non-contact dust shield lip facing the shaft. The seal carrier is made from reinforced polyamide (coloured black), while the seal lip area is made from thermoplastic PU elastomer (coloured green). Suitable for operating temperatures from -30 to +100 deg C.
Benefits: Easy to fit, protects against contamination, spray water and excessive loss of grease, highly wear-resistant and resistant to environmental influences and many mineral oils.
Brand / Quality: INA - High Quality
Inside Diameter: 26mm
Outside Diameter: 34mm
Width: 4mm
Shaft Size not Inside Diameter (d)
Outside Diameter (D)
Width (b)
Oil Seals

  • Jerimiah Marlon, United Kingdom 19/04/2021

    5 of 5 Stars!
    I use your service for all my needs, its a no brainer

  • Sean Weston, United Kingdom 03/01/2019

    4 of 5 Stars!
    Can't be beaten for price or speed of delivery

  • Jude Luna, United Kingdom 15/12/2017

    5 of 5 Stars!
    Really wish i found this site 5 years earlier, very impressed

  • Draven Byrd, United Kingdom 16/10/2015

    5 of 5 Stars!
    recommended to me by a colleague, wouldnt have known you existed otherwise. glas he did saved me a fortune on parts

  • Austin Elliot, United Kingdom 24/08/2015

    5 of 5 Stars!

    INA is a well known trusted brand, all needle rollers I have ever purchased have always been INA and i can proudly say they are still running after years of working, so I have no doubt whats so ever that this seal will be of the same quality 

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INA SD26X34X4A Double Lip Polyurethane Oil Seal 26x34x4mm

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