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  • 4mm Diameter Solid Delrin Polyoxymethylene (POM) / Celcon Plastic Balls
4mm Diameter Solid Delrin Polyoxymethylene (POM) / Celcon Plastic Balls
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4mm Diameter Solid Delrin Polyoxymethylene (POM) / Celcon Plastic Balls

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Delrin Balls: Delrin is the name commonly used for the less commonly known polyoxymethylene (POM) acetal plastic. It has high mechanical strength and rigidity, is tough and tolerant to repeated impacts and has a good long term fatigue endurance. It has excellent resistance to petroleum based solvents, moisture and other neutral chemicals. Its has good electrical insulating properties and self lubricates in use. It can be operated within a wide operating temperature range up to 150 Deg C.
Note: There are many factors which may influence the performance of this product, temperature, chemical exposure etc. - always test for your own application before selecting large quantities of this product.
Benefits: Self lubricating, tough, durable

Delrin balls are generally produced in an almost pure white colour however dependent on manufacturing origin can be off white or yellowy white, yellow, orange, blue, brown, black and grays are all common. There is no difference in the material properties in different colours - it is merely the pigment.
These balls will not float.

Brand / Quality: Simply Ital Ball - High Quality
Ball Diameter: 4mm
Ball diameter
Mass (per ball)
0.284 g
ISO Symbol
Delrin Celcon
Chemical name
Polyoxymethylene (Delrin)
Specific weight kg/dm3
1.42 ASTM D.792
Water absorbtion N%
0.9 ASTM D.570
Tensile strength kg/cm2
680 ASTM D.638
Stretch %
75 ASTM D.638 ASTM
Modulus of tensile elasticity kg /cm3
29.000 ASTM D.638
Impact strength IZOD
18 at 25 deg C and 10 at 40 Deg C ASTM D.256
Rockwell hardness
120 Scale R ASTM D.785
Max operation temp
150 deg C
This is the test method used.
Other information
These balls will not float

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4mm Diameter Solid Delrin Polyoxymethylene (POM) / Celcon Plastic Balls

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