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Internal Circlip Pliers

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Internal Circlip Pliers

Circlips, also sometimes known as C-clips or Seeger clips, are common in many types of machinery, from industrial plant to agricultural machinery, cars and even simple things such as door handles. Circlip pliers are designed to help in the assembly and disassembly of any equipment that utilises circlips. When working with circlips, it's important to do so safely because the clip is usually under tension and acting as a spring. When removing the clips, they should be lubricated and loosened with a small hammer before removal with pliers. Appropriate safety equipment should always be worn during assembly and disassembly in case the clip flies off. Of course, it's also important to have the right tools to work with circlips.

At Simply Bearings, our internal circlip pliers come in a number of different types to help you cope with situations where access to the clip may not be totally straightforward. We can supply straight internal circlip pliers where access is fairly easy or bent versions for more awkward situations. Our pliers come from top brands like Seeger and Toolzone.

Our pliers are available individually in different sizes so you can buy the right type for the clips you're working with. We can also supply sets - including both internal and external clip types - to ensure that you always have the right pliers present in your toolbox for the job at hand. It's easy to select the type you need from our website, but if you need help ordering, you can give our customer services team a call and they'll be happy to help you out.

If you place your order by 4pm, we will send it out to you the same day. Second-class post delivery is free of charge, but if you need your pliers faster, you can opt for first-class post or courier delivery at the website checkout. We can ship orders overseas and within the UK; just select the appropriate option on the site when ordering.

At Simply Bearings you are always covered by our 90-day, no-quibble guarantee, so you can order your circlip pliers with complete confidence.


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