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SKF - Chicago Rawhide Seals

Simply Bearings is proud to be the UK's market-leading retailer of replacement bearings, seals and more for use in a huge number of different industrial and commercial applications. Our vast array of stock, stored in our state-of-the-art 20,000 sq ft warehouse, includes a massive selection of SKF oil seals and Chicago Rawhide seals. We stock SKF and Chicago Rawhide seals for use with shaft diameters from just 6mm up to 311mm.

Swedish manufacturer SKF, the largest seal and bearing producer in the world, acquired Chicago Rawhide back in 1990 but still refers to the Chicago Rawhide brand through serial numbers starting with CR. The vast majority of the SKF oil seals stocked by us are made from nitrile synthetic rubber, although we do also offer some in Viton and polyurethane. Nitrile is a very strong and resilient synthetic rubber frequently used for oil seals, hoses and fuel handling equipment due to its particularly high chemical resistance to hydrocarbons and acids.

Our range includes SKF/CR nitrile single lip seals. These are specialised for radial shaft loads and feature the Waveseal lip design aimed at reducing heat generation and friction to extend the life of the seal. Installation is simplified thanks to the single steel shell. The external diameter of the seal boasts a Bore-Tite coating. This is a water-based polyacrylate non-hardening sealant which, once the seal is installed, acts to accommodate and smooth out small imperfections within the bore housing, delivering an advanced level of sealing power. These single lip seals also feature a garter spring manufactured from carbon steel. As these seals only have one lip, they are primarily intended to assist with lubricant retention.

Our double-lipped rotary shaft SKF oil seals are designed for optimal function in bearing-related applications with exposure to grease or oil and are rated for temperatures ranging from -40 C to 100 C, with short-term tolerance capacities of up to 120 C. These seals consist of a spring-loaded contact sealing lip, a beaded external diameter and a non-contact secondary lip.

The external diameter is intended to provide maximal sealing capacity and retention from within the housing, especially in applications where the inner housing surface is split or particularly rough. These hardy seals exhibit very high wear resistance and can easily tolerate synthetic oils, low-viscosity lubricants and even gases.

Choosing the right seal for the job is vitally important, so we've made it easy. When viewing an oil seal product, simply click on 'Chemical Resistance Table' to be shown the precise chemical ratings for the given seal, with ratings advising the suitability of the use of the seal with each chemical.


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