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Simplex Pilot Bore Sprockets

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Simplex Pilot Bore Sprockets

At Simply Bearings you will find a huge selection of products, including simplex pilot bore sprockets of all dimensions and designs to suit whatever application you have in mind. Whether you are carrying out vital maintenance and replacing worn parts or building something from scratch to a bespoke design, our high-quality components will be an excellent investment.

All of the simplex pilot bore sprockets we offer are provided by leading brands in this segment of the market, including the likes of Powerdrive. This guarantees that they are manufactured to a good standard and will provide consistent performance and durability throughout their usable life.

The smaller sprockets in the range we offer tend to be fashioned from steel, while for larger components the material of choice is often cast iron. Check the individual product descriptions carefully to ensure that the specifications meet your requirements before you buy, or if you have any other questions please get in touch with our efficient and friendly customer support team for more information.

The pilot bore set-up means that you can machine the sprocket and adjust its size to fit whatever specific shaft diameter you have in mind. This means that, unlike some other components we sell which come fully finished and ready to use, these parts anticipate that the customer will make their own adjustments, including the addition of any threading that may be required in the holes.

You do have control over the number of teeth that each sprocket features, so by using our site's straightforward interface you can select the appropriate number from between 8 and 114 using the drop-down menu and quickly find the right product for you.

The simplex pilot bore sprockets we sell comply with British standards in terms of sizing and overall quality, which is another appropriate reassurance that will allow you to buy with confidence.

All of our orders are eligible for free delivery in the UK, so whatever number of sprockets you require you can rely on Simply Bearings to ship them to you at an extremely competitive price point. And the more you buy, the bigger the discount you will receive on the total price of your order.

International shipping is also available for our customers in other countries, and we fulfil all of the orders we handle from a cutting-edge distribution centre, which ensures that everything arrives in a timely fashion. So shop with Simply Bearings today and pick from a range of components, tools and adhesives.


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